Sunday, 15 November 2009

Esed's first show

Yesterday we went to the show organised by the Royal Belgium Sighthoundclub, the KBWC, in Kortrijk. This show was organised at the same time as the Eurodogshow. Esed wasn't impressed by all the noise and people. He played with other dogs, not only sighthounds, and loved to go around the shops. He also played with Checkhov, the borzoi of my mother who was there too.

He got some new toys and a nice collar. And in the afternoon he put his first baby steps in the showworld. The jugdge was Mrs. M-C. Delabelle (B). Esed did his best and he received the notation of Very Promising and Best Baby. Because of this he had take part in the ring of honour with the other 5 sighthound-babies. And he made us proud by being placed 2nd Best Baby of the Sighthoundshow, thanks to jugde H. Zuber (CH). After the show we went home, Esed slept in the car and by the time that we arrived in Deurne, his batteries were reloaded and he played with Zino.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Esed four weeks at home

Esed is now four weeks in Belgium. In this periode he has been very busy and he made sure that he kept us busy too. Socialisation is very important for each dog but even more so for an azawakh. So up to now Esed has been several times to the market. He went for his vaccinations to the vet. He is a frequent user of public transport and he loves to go and visit Eric on the bus. Once he has seen Eric, he lies down for a nap untill we arrive at the busdepot and then we go home together. He likes to go away with the car. He has been to many different places where he could play and run free in the forest. He has been to the annual borzoiwalk, there he made some friends among those big and longhaired dogs, which is lucky for us as my mother has two borzois. By now he is also "famous" at the dogschool, as he is the only sighthound there at the moment, and he has made it very clear that he will learn and do what the instructors ask, when he wants to ;-). At home he loves to learn something new and play with Zino.

There is only one thing that Eric and I find so sad, Esed is growing up so quickly, the cute little baby azawakh is disapearing so fast.... but he turning into a nice, strong azawakh youngster.