Monday, 6 August 2012

Accidents happen.....

On 21st of July we went to the Azawakh specialty show in Hunstetten.
Each year we see old and new friends, and we love to meet the other azawaks. And also the other Agg Amaias dogs were there, so we had a nice family gathering. 

Short after midday Esed was biten by another dog. Two dogs came over to Esed, they all sniffed at eachother and the dogs parted with their owners. In passing by one of the dogs bit Esed in his tail....  First Esed got some help from two vets present on the showground, but as it needed stitching to close te wound, we had to go to a veterinary clinic. Here they sedated Esed and he got 5 stitches in his tail. After that we went back to the show to see his lovely sister Ewilen become BIS. Congratulations Ewilen, Nicole & Dennis.

As the wound wasn't heeling as it should and his vertebrea, bloodvessels and sinews were getting worse, our vets decided that his tail should be partially amputated, to save Esed from getting bloodpoisoning and even worse things....

He is recovering slowly, we have been at the vets nearly every two days, to check his wound, put some stapels in, as Esed decided that he didn't want so many stitches.... At the moment the wound is finally getting dry so that with some luck, on Friday, the staples and last stitches can be removed.

Esed has to wear his muzzle a lot so that he can't touch the dressings and since Saturday the wound. Hopefully Esed can play again with Fehed in a short time.

Some pictures...