Monday, 10 November 2014

Happy 1ste Birthday to the J-Litter

Today the four lovely J's are one year old. As being the owners of the father of these puppies, all the hard work and credit goes to Gabriele Meissen for choosing our Fehed and raising the litter until the day the proud owners could take the little ones into their homes. From that day on also to the owners, all of them did a stunning job with raising them into the lovely azawakh youngsters that they are now.

A huge thank you to Anna-Klara Ousback with Jinaki, Tricia Churchill with Juffayar and Eleanor Campbell, Christine Hornbostel with Jattay and the Stohler family with Jakootah, for making us so proud.

Happy Birthday!!!!!
Juffayar at the age of 10 months, picture made by Eleanor Campbell.

 Jakootah at the age of 9,5 months, picture made by Gabriele Meissen.
Jinaki at the age of 8 months, picture made by Sanna Sander.

Jattay at the age of 11 months, picture made by Christine Hornbostel.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Three week old puppies

The puppies are now three (and a half) weeks old. Their eyes are open and now they have started exploringtheir world. It is wonderful to see them together with Zulu, the cat, and with the other dogs in the house.

Some pictures..... my heart melts each time I see them.