Friday, 28 September 2012


On July 1st, we had a photoshoot at home. Nuelle Flipse came to our home and made some beautiful pictures of Esed & Fehed. But by the time we got them on disc, Esed had his accident with his tail and I didn't feel up to put them on the blog.

Now that Esed his amputated tail has healed and he enjoys life again, it's time to place them on the blog.

Thanks to Nuelle for these lovely pictures of Esed & Fehed.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

International Azawakh Walk

Ludmilla Koslow passed through Belgium, on her way back home from France. Esed & Dacar have played a few times together so naturally we made time to meet each other. Because of her long drive up to Denmark, we went with her a bit of the way and we had a double date with Ennehet and Joanna & Harko.  So we had a very international azawakh meeting in the Netherlands. Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands, all together :-)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


The boys have a new playground. A high fence, good solid ground with no holes.... and a lot of new friends!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Accidents happen.....

On 21st of July we went to the Azawakh specialty show in Hunstetten.
Each year we see old and new friends, and we love to meet the other azawaks. And also the other Agg Amaias dogs were there, so we had a nice family gathering. 

Short after midday Esed was biten by another dog. Two dogs came over to Esed, they all sniffed at eachother and the dogs parted with their owners. In passing by one of the dogs bit Esed in his tail....  First Esed got some help from two vets present on the showground, but as it needed stitching to close te wound, we had to go to a veterinary clinic. Here they sedated Esed and he got 5 stitches in his tail. After that we went back to the show to see his lovely sister Ewilen become BIS. Congratulations Ewilen, Nicole & Dennis.

As the wound wasn't heeling as it should and his vertebrea, bloodvessels and sinews were getting worse, our vets decided that his tail should be partially amputated, to save Esed from getting bloodpoisoning and even worse things....

He is recovering slowly, we have been at the vets nearly every two days, to check his wound, put some stapels in, as Esed decided that he didn't want so many stitches.... At the moment the wound is finally getting dry so that with some luck, on Friday, the staples and last stitches can be removed.

Esed has to wear his muzzle a lot so that he can't touch the dressings and since Saturday the wound. Hopefully Esed can play again with Fehed in a short time.

Some pictures...

Monday, 7 May 2012

Zino 1 July 2000 - 7 May 2012

Our sweet and lovely Zino made his last trip and went over the Rainbow Bridge today. He will be missed by Esed & Fehed and by Eric and me. Also my mother and brother will miss our great old boy.
Dear Zino, thank you for being my first sighthound and for being our friend. I will always love you and miss you.....
Eric & Penny

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter time in Belgium

Fehed is enjoying his first Easter Time in Belgium, cold, sometimes wet and luckily sometimes sunny too.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Already 15 weeks

Fehed is 15 weeks now and growing fast. He loves to play, and surely with Esed. He likes to go away on the bus, tram or by car. He visits the market, shops and goes through a big crowd without any problems.

Now that the weather is getting better, we will make some more pictures outside :-)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fehed at home with the boys

Fehed arrived in Belgium on the snowy and very cold Febuary 3rd. Since then he has been very busy. He plays with Zino and Esed, he likes the whippets from my brother Sven and is very sweet to the borzoi of my mother. The borzoi are very happy that Fehed is calmer and sweeter than Esed was as a puppy, but then again he was the duracel azawakh :-)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

One more day to go...

Tomorrow we are going to Berlin :-) finally the day has arrived that we can see Fehed and his siblings again. Saturday we are returning with our newest and youngest member and addition to our family and pack.

Shirin Foroutan, the owner of Bastien's Wanjala (Fehed's daddy) went to visit them again last week, and she made this movie of the puppies in the garden.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Little Big Boy

Christiane made these pictures of Fehed, he is getting bigger and lovelier everyday.
Frequently the puppies are visited by childeren and people so they get used to seeing different faces!
You can see all the pictures on Christaine's blog here.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Oh, yes....

Little Fehed is not afraid of using his teeth, :-) which makes us very happy as we had some doubts that our little man would have some trouble with "defending" himself against Esed his brutal playing... Well after seeing this picture, we don't have any doubts anymore.
Thanks to Daggi for this picture and thanks to Daggi and Christiane for all the pictures of Fehed. Once he is in Belgium I can post my own pictures of our mister cutie!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Three weeks to go!

We have new pictures from our sweet boy Fehed. Chrissi and the puppies had visitors yesterday. You can see the pictures here.
We are going to Berlin to get Fehed on the 3rd of February. We are counting the days!!!