Monday, 20 January 2014

Fehed his puppies

Jakootah and Jattay, two puppies of the litter of our Agg Amais Fehed with Tombouktou's Amazzal, are still available for their own loving home. This due to cancellation of earlier made reservations.

They are such adorable and loving puppies.
I wish that we could take one of them but Esed and Fehed are a great combination and due to my health issues at the moment it isn't a good idea to disturbe this harmonious balance and take a puppy.

Who knows what the future will bring but for now no puppy for us.

Some pictures of the puppies, made by Dr. Gabrielle Meissen, the breeder of this lovely and interesting litter.

The four puppies together before Jinaki departed to her owners in Sweden.
Juffayar, Jakootah and Jattay.
Lovely Jakootah.

                                               Beautiful Jattay