Sunday, 28 November 2010


Esed had a fun-loving weekend. This because of the long awaited visitors from Berlin. Chrissi, Daggi & Andrea came to stay with us and the girls were with them. Esed enjoyed having the girls around so that he could play with them. He fell very much in love with Tagola ;-)
We also participated at the two dog show in Kortrijk, and once again we were confronted with the difference in judges and their idea of how an azawakh should look like and behave in the ring.
On Saturday the judge gave Esed a very good, because he had a rough head.... The girls were more appreciated and all three received an Excellent, and Djangalah the KBWC-Winner 2010 titel.
After the show, we went to the dogpark near our home, and Zino & Esed had a great time running and playing with the girls.

Sunday we were once again at the show, looking at the stuff for the dogs and buying some nice things. Eventually it was time again to be judged. This time the judge appreciated what she saw. She awarded our Esed with 1 Exc, CAC & CACIB and in the end even with the BOB. This we didn't expect at all, as Tagola, who received the same notation and became best female, is older and more mature than our crazy azawakh.
We were thrilled with these results.

In the evening we had a nice time with our guests and a lovely diner. The dogs were playing and fooling around. Sadly on Monday we had to say goodbye to our visitors. Esed misses the girls very much. We hope that Chrissi, Daggi & Andrea will repeat their visit soon.

Maybe we should start thinking of getting a younger (azawakh) friend for our Esed. Our Zino is enjoying his privileges of his old age and doesn't always play or agrees with Esed & his crazy escapades.

Pictures will be put on the site during this week.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Getting ready

We are going to the dog show in Kortrijk this weekend, on Saturday it is the KBWC special and on Sunday the CACIB show. And as a big extra for Esed, he will be having visitors over from Germany. We are delighted to have Christiane, Daggi & Andrea in our home and the dogs. Esed will be happy to have a bunch of Azi girls in the house ;-)) as you can guess....

A picture of Esed in Denmark on the beach, taken by Christiane Thier-Rostaing.