Sunday, 25 October 2009

Esed with other dogs

Here some pictures of Esed, he loves to play with the other dogs in the family. My mother has two borzois and my brother (who lives at home) has a whippet. Some people would think that a puppy azawakh would be afraid of big, longhaired dogs... well Esed doesn't thinks so!

Friends of ours have a 6 month old labrador. They play very well together.

The last picture is of Zino & Esed sharing a cushion.


  1. Nice to see Esed puppy In Belgium. I have his brother, Elkhir-ras, here in Canada.


  2. Esed comes into our home as if he owns the place. Such a little darling who terrorises my poor boys. Checkhov lets him jump all over him, bite him in his ears, lips and nose

    Rosalind & the boyz