Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy Birthday Zino

Our Zino, is 11 years old today. He is a very special dog for us. He arrived totaly unexpected as a 2 month old puppy with a recue organisation from Spain. When he was nearly 7 months old he became sick with Parvo. He nearly died. But Zino's love for us and to live was stronger, he survived. Now he's 11years old and we realise that he won't be with us for ever. But for now he enjoyes the priveleges of his age and gets his sweeties and love and special Zino time. 

Some pictures of Zino as a young dog and from Sunday, when we went to Luxembourg for a day.

Zino with Chivas in 2005.

Zino with Eric in Cadzand, april 2005.
 Zino summer 2006.
 In 2008 Mirka made a nice series of pictures of Zino & Chivas, thanks Mirka for these nice shots!
 June 2011, Zino nearly 11 years old, in Luxembourg.

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