Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Agg Amaias Fehed

Very quickly after Esed arrived in Belgium, we started to think about a friend for him. Our Zino is a bit to old to keep himself busy with the crazy azawakh and the way of playing :-) Therefore we decided that we would take a puppy from Tagola, the lovely import bitch from Christiane, where our Esed comes from.  Finaly Tagola decided it was her time and she was mated by the nice and sporty Bastiens Wanjala. The result are six nice and healthy puppies, born on 30th November 2011.
3 boys and 3 girls.

And here he is, our second azawakh, Agg Amaias Fehed...
Thanks to Christaine Thier-Rostaing and Dagmar Pieper for the pictures.

Fehed sleeping in the middle of his siblings :-)

 The six of them together.

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